Brain Anatomy Revealed (BSP 118)

Episode 118 of the Brain Science Podcast gives listeners a worldwind tour of neuroanatomy based on Beyond the Zonules of Zinn: A Fantastic Journey Through Your Brain (2008) by David Bainbridge. The book is a wonderful introduction to brain anatomy that makes this challenging topic accessible to people of all backgrounds. If you are new to neuroanatomy it will give you a new appreciation of how the brain's structure helps us understand how it works. More experienced readers/listeners will enjoy this well-organized review that puts brain anatomy into its evolutionary context.

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  • Next's month Brain Science Podcast will be a new interview with Dr. Edward Taub (BSP 28 and BSP 113). We will hear an update on Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (now called CI Therapy), which is his pioneering technique for using brain plasticity to treat a wide variety of brain injuries.

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