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Dr. Ginger Campbell launched the Brain Science Podcast in 2006 and by mid 2015 she had created over 120 episodes. All episodes posted after 2012 FREE to download or stream. This page tells you how to get access to older episodes (mp3) and transcripts (PDF).

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Premium Subscribers have access to all 120+ episodes of the Brain Science Podcast as well as episode transcripts. All episodes may be downloaded or streamed. The transcripts are PDFs, which may be downloaded or read directly via our mobile apps. Another benefit of the Premium subscription is that advertising is limited to one Audible book recommendation per episode.

The Premium Subscription is a great way to support the Brain Science Podcast while enjoying continued access to all of our content, but it is also possible to purchase individual episodes and transcripts as described below.

Cost: only $4.99 per month*

How to get your premium content:

Once you are a premium subscriber you can access all audio and transcripts in whatever way fits your needs. You can use your favorite mobile app or you can access directly via your web browser at You can also stream or download content directly from the show notes on that website.Some people are listening on Facebook. You can also use the player at the bottom of this page to access both free and premium content.

*** Note: Premium content can NOT be accessed on this website. Go to for Premium Content.

You can subscribe for one month, six months, or one year with auto-renewals, but you can cancel at any time.

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Purchase Episode Transcripts (PDF)

Full transcripts are available for every episode of the Brain Science Podcast. These are included with our Premium Subscription but they can also be purchased individually in the BSP Store for $1 each. A complete list is available here.

Purchase Single Episodes (mp3)

You can purchase single episodes for download in the BSP Store for $1 each.  Please visit the Episodes Page for a full list.

Note: The most recent 25 episodes are still free to stream or download.

Use the player below to access both FREE and Premium content. 

The player below may not be displaying FREE content properly. We hope to get this resolved soon, but until then all content is easily streamed or downloaded at

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