Dr. Ed Taub revolutionizes Stroke Rehab (BSP 119)

Ginger Campbell, Md and Edward Taub, Phd (click image to play audio)

Ginger Campbell, Md and Edward Taub, Phd (click image to play audio)

I first talked with with Dr. Edward Taub the inventor of Constraint Induced (CI) Movement Therapy back in early 2008 (BSP 28). CI Therapy is a revolutionary rehabilitation method based on the principles of brain plasticity. Evidence supporting its effectiveness has mounted since we last talked. Unfortunately, because it is so different from traditional physical therapy, it requires special training and it is still not covered by many major insurance companies. The Veteran's Administration recognizes it as the preferred treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) but they currently have no therapists trained in the method.

I have a recorded a new interview with Dr. Taub, which I have split into two parts. The rest of the interview will be posted next month. This month's episode (BSP 119) focuses on how CI Therapy works and also provides a brief historical overview of the neuroscientific discovery of brain plasticity.

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