BSP 117: Michael Gazzaniga "Father"of Cognitive Neuroscience

Dr. Michael Gazzinga (click photo to listen to his interview)

Dr. Michael Gazzinga (click photo to listen to his interview)

Pioneering neuroscientist Dr. Michael Gazzaniga has written many wonderful books that share neuroscience with a general audience. In his latest book Tales from Both Sides of the Brain: A Life in Neuroscience he looks back on his 50+ year career from a uniquely personally vantage point. He shares the people and collaborations that have enriched his life and when I interviewed him for BSP 117  he said “My pitch to the young person is that there is nothing on this planet that compares to the pleasures of scientific discovery.” But he also emphasized the importance of finding a question that people really care about. "Is it a question anyone wants the answer to?" But the young scientist needs more than curiosity she also needs the impulse to question current explanations and the urge to find better answers.

This perspective enriched our discussion of the implications of split-brain research and the ongoing controversy over the implications of applying the principles of emergence to neuroscience. It is a conversation you won't want to miss.

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