Neuroscience and AI with Paul Middlebrooks (BS 155)

Paul Middlebrooks host of Brain-Inspired podcast

Paul Middlebrooks host of Brain-Inspired podcast

BS 155 is an interview with neuroscientist Paul Middlebrooks, host of the Brain-Inspired podcast. We explore the main theme of his show, which is the intersection between neuroscience and artificial intelligence (AI).

We explore topics such as Deep Learning and the challenges of interdisciplinary science. Neural nets and other forms of AI may be inspired by real neurons, but they are actually very different. On the other hand the scientists working AI have developed techniques for dealing with large amounts of data. These techniques have potential for dealing with the large amounts of data now being generated in neuroscience.

One large challenge is that both fields have their own jargon and it is not easy to be competent in both fields. That is why I appreciate Paul Middlebrooks effort to make Artificial Intelligence more accessible for those of us who are interested in neuroscience.

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