Placebo Research Update with Fabrizio Benedetti (BSP 127)

I have just posted a new interview with Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti, one of the world's leading researchers of the neurobiology of placebos. Dr. Benedetti emphasized that there is no such thing as THE placebo effect, because there are multiple placebo EFFECTS with widely varying mechanisms. For example, in pain relief there are at least two different mechanisms: one involving endogenous opioids while the other involves endogenous cannaboids (marijuana-like compounds).

We also talked about some his latest research into placebo effects in the context of high altitude headaches. Here again, multiple pathways have been discovered. We concluded our conversation with look at some of the ethical issues surrounding the use of placebos.

This is a follow-up interview, which can be enjoyed by listeners of all backgrounds, but I highly recommend going back to BSP 122 if you need a review of the basics of placebo neurobiology.

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