Phenomenology and Embodied Cognition (BSP 123)

Anthony Chemero  (click photo to hear interview)

Anthony Chemero (click photo to hear interview)

Many researchers working in Embodied Cognitive Science (ECS) are unaware that the philosophical approach known as Phenomenology has made important contributions to their field. In their new book Phenomenology: An Introduction philosophers Stephan Käufer and Anthony Chemero make a convincing case, not just for the historical importance of phenomenology, but more importantly, for its ongoing contributions to cognitive science.

In BSP 123 I talk with Anthony Chemero about phenomenology and its contributions to embodied cognitive science. We start with a brief discussion of what it is and we discuss  a few important historical figures, including Maurice Merleau-Ponty and James Gibson.  Then we consider how these ideas are important to contemporary psychology and cognitive science. I have included a list of related episodes below, but no previous knowledge is needed to enjoy this conversation.

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