I Need Some Feedback About Books and Ideas

This post is a request for listener feedback.  When I started podcasting in December, 2006, I started two podcasts simultaneously, the Brain Science Podcast and Books and Ideas.  My original intention was to use Books and Ideas as a more personal podcast, and as a place to put material that didn't fit into the Brain Science Podcast.

However, Books and Ideas has evolved into discussion of  non-fiction books.  Needless, to say this requires significant preparation time.  Meanwhile as the Brain Science Podcast has grown, I am struggling to find the time to prepare both shows, since I do everything (including audio editing and web design) myself.

So, I am forced to admit that I can't continue to put out Books and Ideas twice a month.  Yet I still want to keep the feed alive since I think there is already some good stuff there and I still need an outlet for non-brain content.

I would appreciate your feedback and ideas.