Transcript Now Available for Episode 8 (Neurotransmitters)

Episode 8 of the Brain Science Podcast was a detailed discussion of how neurons communicate via neurotransmitters. Many listeners found the material challenging, so I am happy to announce that I have just posted a transcript of Episode 8. Jenine Johns did an excellent job.

If you haven't had a chance to listen to Episode 8, I highly recommend doing so because the material will be relevant to next week's episode of the Brain Science Podcast.

Note: A transcript for Episode 42, the discussion of Robert Burton's book, On Being Certain is also available.

From SharpBrains™: Ten Tips for Improved Learning

Last year I interviewed Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg about the effects of aging on the brain (Episode 18).  Dr. Elkhonon is the co-founder of the website SharpBrains™, which is an excellent place to find the latest information about brain health.  Recently Dr. Alvaro Fernandez, who runs the SharpBrains™ website invited me to become an expert contributor to the site's blog.  He has also given me permission to share content from his site here.

It seems fitting that I start by mentioning a recent post from Laurie Bertels who writes the Neurons Firing blog. Laurie is a regular Brain Science Podcast listener.  Her blog focuses on how neuroscience applies to learning.  You can find lots of useful background information on her Brain 101 page.

Here is are some excerpts from Laurie's post on SharpBrains™:
If you agree that our brains are designed for learning, then as educators it is incumbent upon us to be looking for ways to maximize the learning process for each of our students, as well as for ourselves.  Some of what follows is simply common sense, but I’ve learned that all of it has a scientific basis in our brains. (Read more...)

She goes on to list 10 tips for applying brain science to help promote better learning. You will find that these tips dovetail nicely with what we learned from Dr. John Medina in Episode 37.

Read Laurie's complete post.

Brain Science Podcast's Third Semi-Annual Review (BSP 40)

Episode 40 of the Brain Science Podcast is a look back at the highlights from the last six months.  We have talked about numerous topics including brain plasticity, mirror neurons, language, brain rhythms, and the sense of smell. We talked with 9 guests and we have also explored the practical implications of neuroscience, including the importance of sleep and exercise to brain health.  This brief review episode is intended for both new listeners and long-time subscribers.

How to get this episode:

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    Welcome to the New Brain Science Podcast Website!

    As of today, June 14, 2008 the official Brain Science Podcast and Blog has moved here. The old site will remain up because it has an extensive archive of show notes and posts, but no new show notes will be posted there. Make sure you have bookmarked the new site at Within the next day or so you should also be able to get here by using Please explore the new site and send email to docartemis at if you find any band links or other problems.
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    Transcript of György Buzsáki's Interview Is Now Online

    Episode 31 of the Brain Science Podcast was a challenging interview with György Buzsáki about his book Rhythms of the Brain.  Thanks to listener Diane Jacobs, we now have a transcript available for Episode 31.

    Click here for the transcript.

    Be sure to visit Diane's Blog at  When it comes to reading books about neuroscience, Diane makes me feel like a slacker.

    Here Is a Working Link to the Enhanced Version of Episode 32

    I want to apologize to anyone who got the "enhanced version" of episode 32 in their feed, but found that it had no graphics.  The Brain Science Podcast is currently part of an ad campaign on Wizzard Media (Libsyn). They failed to tell us that the technology they use to insert ads will not work with enhanced files, so they just converted it back to a stripped down mp3.

    Since I can't put the episode into the normal feed, but you can get it here. It should play in Quicktime™ on your computer. To save the file on to  your computer, right click on the link and choose "save as." All iPods can handle this format, but many other players, such as the Zune™ will not. Sorry about the inconvenience. (Note: If you are using Windows make sure you have the latest version of Quicktime™.)

    If you just want to look at the illustrations on your computer click here.

    Brain Anatomy: Illustrations for BSP 32


    I have posted  the illustrations I  promised last week when I released Episode 32 of the Brain Science Podcast.  Except for the colored diagram of the lobes of the brain, these illustrations come from Beyond the Zonules of Zinn: A Fantastic Journey Through Your Brainand have been used with the permission of the author, David Bainbridge.

    Click here to see thumbnails of all the illustrations, along with the approximate time they were discussed during the episode.  (Note: because of the automatic ad insertion process the times may be off by up to 67 seconds.)

    Here is a link to the enhanced version of the podcast, which includes the illustrations but not the captions.  Unfortunately, due to some technical issues with Libsyn's ad-server software, I am currently unable to put the enhanced version into the regular feed.

    Hear Steven Novella on the Latest Episode of Books and Ideas

    In response to listener requests, I recently interviewed Dr. Steven Novella from the Skeptics Guide to the Universe.  This has been posted as Episode 16 of Books and Ideas , my other podcast.  The details are available in the show notes on the Books and Ideas website.  I hope you will consider subscribing to the podcast, but if you just want to hear the interview, Tagging For Brain Science

    There is lots of interesting stuff on the internet about the brain and neuroscience, and obviously no one can keep up with it all.  I have decided to follow Leo Laporte's example by creating a tag that we can all use to facilitate sharing what we find with each other.  The tag will be brainscience, spelled as one word.  Obviously someone who doesn't listen to the Brain Science Podcast could choose the same tag, but it would like bring our attention to something relevant.

    In addition, since del.icio.ous automatically creates an RSS feed for each tag, I have created a special feed that you can subscribe to if you want to keep track of what is being added by others.  Notice that the last 3 items added will always appear in the left side bar of this website.

    Science Education Research Website Links to the Brain Science Podcast


    Yesterday I was notified by Daniel Isaacson, Executive Director of the non-profit Science Education Research website that the Brain Science Podcast has been added to their main link page.  In his email he said, "We appreciate the quality of your interviews and choice of guests."

    I hope you will go to their website to check out the other links and resources.

    Brain Science Podcast #24 Will Be Delayed

    This week's episode of the Brain Science Podcast will be delayed until next week.

    Meanwhile, if you don't already listen to Books and Ideas I hope you will check out the new episode that I posted this week. It is an conversation with Dr. Pamela Gay of the Astronomy Cast.

    Listen to Dr. Gay's interview now

    Please Let Me Know If You Find a Bad Audio Link

    The audio files for both of my podcasts are hosted on Libsyn and they have recently changed the addresses for people's podcast audio files.  Unfortunately this means that I probably have a lot of bad links floating around not just on this site, but in numerous other locations around the internet. I intend to try to fix the ones I remember posting, but that may take a while, so if you find a bad link please let me know.

    Thanks to SpiritSeeker for originally bringing the problem to my attention.

    If you are in a hurry to find an old episode you can go directly to my Libsyn sites:

    Books and Ideas is at

    Brain Science Podcast is at

    Meet Me at the Podcast and New Media Expo


    I am looking forward to my first Podcast and New Media Expo this week in Ontario, California . My goals are to learn a lot and to meet lots of new people.  Obviously, I will be promoting the Brain Science Podcast and Books and Ideas, but I also hope to make contacts that could lead to new opportunities in the field, since my long-term goal is to build a new full-time career.

    I will be meeting with fellow health and science podcasters on Thursday evening at 8 PM at the entrance to the D Street Bar & Grill (located in the Marriott).

    I will be helping out at at the iProng booth on Saturday from noon until 2 PM . If you stop by to say hi ,you can also play with an iPhone™ or the new iPod Touch™.

    Wizzard Media Chooses the Brain Science Podcast as a Featured Podcast


    I am proud to announce that Wizzard Media, the new owner of Libsyn, has chosen the Brain Science Podcast to be part of its network.  You can find the Brain Science Podcast on the Science and Medicine page, and I have been told that it will also appear on the Wizzard Media page of the iTunes Store when it is updated.

    Since Rob Walch has recently been named vice-president in charge of podcaster relations at Wizzard Media, I am hopeful that this will help the Brain Science Podcast reach a larger audience, and perhaps give me a chance to make a little advertising revenue.

    Obviously, a podcast like mine is never going to appeal to a mass audience, but it does have a very loyal following.  Potential advertisers like to reach audiences that are intelligent and well-educated.  However, I need some data to show who is listening to the show.  Wizzard Media has set up an anonymous survey that I hope you will take a few minutes to complete.

    New Blog Combines Show Notes for Both of My Podcasts

    I have had requests from a few listeners to put all the show notes in one place, so I have started a new Blog that beginning tomorrow, August 9, 2007, will contain a combination of all posts for Books and Ideas  and the Brain Science Blog and Podcast.

    You can find this at /blog.  If you are currently subscribed to either of my blogs, I hope you will move over to this unified blog.  I will continue to post show notes in the individual blogs for the next month or so to allow everyone time to make the shift.  This will also allow me time to build my new websites and improve the appearance of the new blog.

    Problems with Podango Seem To Be Resolved


    When I put my podcasts on Podango™ on June 1st, my subscribers plummeted by about 75 % over a one week period. In the graphic above (from Feedburner) the flat part of the curve corresponds to the week while I was unsuccessfully trying to redirect the feed back to its original location.  I am pleased to report that this was finally accomplished last week with the help of Rob Walch from Podcast 411 and the folks at Podango™.

    This problem seems to have mainly effected people using iTunes™ and also my email subscribers.  If you have not gotten Episode 14, or do not get Episode 15 on June 28th, please let me know.  If you are using iTunes™, the first thing you should try is deleting the current subscription so you can resubscribe to the corrected feed.  If this doesn't work please contact me at docartemis at

    If you are interested in the gory details of what went wrong you can listen to the last 12 minutes of item 205 of Podcast 411 . If you are a podcaster you may find the lessons I learned informative.