BSP Summer Announcements

Last month I announced that the next new episode of the Brain Science Podcast will be posted in the second week of September 2010. Today I am posting a brief update in the feed.

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Show notes:

Some Advice for new listeners: The summer break gives new listeners an excellent chance to listen to past episodes of the Brain Science Podcast, but now that there are 69 episodes available, a little guidance might be helpful.  If you are new to neuroscience, I suggest that you listen to episodes 1-27 in order.  That will give you a solid foundation for enjoying more recent episodes.  Naturally, I hope you will listen to them all, but the order is not critical.  There are a few exceptions, but I think these are clearly labeled.

This week's podcast also includes a little about how the Brain Science Podcast has evolved since it started back in December 2006. At the end of the announcements I describe the features of updated Brain Science Podcast application for iPhone /iPod Touch.


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