All in the Mind: Is the Adolescent Mind a Myth?


The March 28th episode of  All in the Mind  is an excellent discussion of the controversy surrounding the meaning of adolescence.  While some researchers point to the growing evidence that parts of the brain (such as the frontal lobe and its connections) do not mature until early adulthood as evidence that the adolescent brain is different, some writers, like Dr. Robert Epstein, argue that the problems of adolescence are created by Western culture not changes in the brain.  The episode includes a several distinguished guests with different view points.

One of the guests was David Bainbridge, whose book Beyond the Zonules of Zinn: A Fantastic Journey Through Your Brain was discussed in Episode 32 of the Brain Science Podcast.  I am looking forward to reading his new book Teenagers: A Natural History  when it is released in the United States (August, 2009).