Are You Having Problems with the Podcast Feed?

Over the last 2 weeks I have been having problems with the Brain Science Podcast feed associated with trying to move to Podango™.com.

If you have had any recent problems with trying to download episodes, I would appreciate if you would write to me at or post a comment below.  I especially need feedback from people using iTunes™ because according to Feedburner™ we lost several hundred  iTunes™ subscribers in just one week!

Meanwhile, iTunes™ is also currently not showing all the episodes, so if you need to get to an episode that isn't showing up, please note that all of the previous episodes are available to play or download at

Episode 14 will be coming out on Thursday, June 14th. To celebrate 6 months of podcasting, I used this episode to catch my breath and to look back on some of the interesting topics we have covered.  We will also take a look ahead to upcoming topics.